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I've been doing more 3d modelling lately and I never really looked into selling materials for "points"... would my followers be interested if I started selling the 3d models in different formats?  How about custom models?  I can make custom models pretty easily too. :)
I haven't submitted anything for prints in a long time... would you guys be interested in it if I did?  If so, what would you like to see as prints?  My photos, bodypainting, 3d stuff, vector artwork?  What kind of other products?

I'm kinda out of the loop when it comes to selling stuff, I dunno what anyone wants now.
So I haven't been doing as much "art" lately, I suppose.  Partially because I've been playing around a lot with 3d modelling but nothing has really worked.  The first model I built was a Mad Moxxi at 180k polygons... naked.  Trying to rig her and pose her made my machine completely chug.  My second try was a Melona, at least she had clothes, but she was about 110k polygons.  Better, but still impossible to pose.  The latest one was Priere, at 33k polys!  So I rigged her and posed her and decided to make art with her.

So where does this lead me?  I've been trying to work on video games. :)

I'm not sure what to do with that though, it's not really something I can post here.  Would people like to see my design sketches and processes?  Or should I just stick with just my photography?  Thoughts?
I haven't updated this journal in forever since I've been so busy with non digital art related projects!  I survived A-kon with Garrus, made 2 new cosplay commissions (Iron Man Mk. 5 and Deadspace N7 armor) which I'm gonna put pics up of soon... and working on a new mold for my Bayonetta guns, which should make them easier and better in the future, especially with Bayonetta 2 right around the corner!

That said, my friend and model Freshie Juice is having emergency surgery!…
She could use all the help and support you can give.  She's selling prints and taking donations.  She's a lovely woman to work with and is amazing.  Please lend your support!…
So I've done a lot of bodypainting projects but I tend to photoshop out "naughty bits", such as nipples.  I'm curious what everyone thinks about that.  Generally, I do it because I prefer the form of the human body, not necessarily the details.  Theoretically, also, I shouldn't have to but a nudity warning on it since there's nothing showing, but some people have requested I do so.  Do you guys think nudes without naughty bits requires an age check warning?  Looking for thoughts on the matter, there's no right or wrong. :)
Just got back from Anime Overload.  I was invited as a guest there and I had a blast.  I was a small con, 4th year, but still, it was awesome.  My best memory of the con was sitting next to the other guests and having that moment of "Oh my god, they're famous voice actors!" followed closely by "Oh my god, Lina Inverse is wearing my paws!" XD
So I'm going to be a guest at Anime Overload and I'm planning on doing 2 panels, both going through bodypainting and airbrushing.  One will be PG one will be age gated.  I plan to go through the different types of cosmetics and paints and the uses to them, ranging from fabric paints for bodysuit painting to liquid make up to cover up tattoos to full on bodypainting with water based and alcohol based paint.  Anyone have any suggestions for characters or designs that they would like to see?  I'm thinking Zeruel XX from Evangelion for the PG bodysuit one... not sure what to do for the age gated one though.

Zeruel XX Evangelion:…
I went to a fairy tale themed Burlesque show on Friday... unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures.

I did take video!  Bwahaha.…

Enjoy. :)
I've always been a big proponent of posting stuff once it's done... however, lately, I've had a lot of artwork I start, but never got around to finishing.  I also have a lot of in progress artwork.  Would people prefer to see finished artwork or would they like to see the work in progress stuff?
A week before Christmas break I got in an accident - a hit and run where the other vehicle hit me and the occupants literally got out and ran off on foot.  Yeah, crazy.

This past weekend, my mother passed away.  It wasn't unexpected, she was in poor health for a while, but it's still sad.

I could use a little good luck this year, it would be appreciated. ^_^
So I've been invited as a guest to Ultima Con next year... I'm curious, what kind of panels would people be interested in hearing me talk about?
So I've been working steadily on my game... I have the base code done, working on replacing models and making levels soon.  It's just be a throwaway game, primarily a test to see what I can and can't do.  I'll update more once I get actual artwork that I can show.  I hope to have a playable Beta by Christmas. :)

I've been busy making costumes and prepping for Thanksgiving.  I finished a Dark Link costume for Onicon, got to hear Earthbound Papas in concert and listen to Nobuo Uematsu perform Bohemian Rhapsody live!
So I know I haven't been updating any art in a while, part of it is convention season, the other part is I've been devoting my time to learning how to work with UDK so I can write my own game!  So far, I've managed to make 3d models and rig them for animation, but then my hard drive crashed and I lost everything :(

So instead, I started focusing on the actual game play elements instead.…

That's a recording of some of my results so far.  The models, sounds, and animations are NOT mine.  They're stock Unreal Tournament stuff.  I just threw together a random level.  The grappling hook code and movement, however, is all me!   I'm quite proud of the swing mechanic :)
Thanks everyone for the birthday well wishes and a special thanks to :iconshoguneagle: for the subscription renewal!
So I earned a super albino llama today on DA.  Dunno what that means, but hooray?

In other news, I don't really update this as often as I should... but I've been working on a game project.  Figured out how to make 3d models in blender, skin and rig them, and integrate them into both JMonkey and Unreal 3.  I have a few game projects in mind, but I'm working on learning the basics first :)

Other than that, con season is almost in full swing so I'm revamping Chocobo to live longer.  Wish me luck!
So after like 12 years cosplaying, I finally created a account.  Crazy huh?  I kept thinking it was a phase, or that someday I would stop, and every year I say to myself "Riggs, I'm getting too old for this" but I do it every year regardless.  So I figure it wouldn't hurt to keep my progress photos for my cosplay in one place :)
So, moving on!

I'm planning on fixing up Chocobo and taking him outside (when it's not raining) to have photos done.  It occurred to me though, in Chocobo's Dungeon, Chocobo gets classes and costumes!  Aside from YuleCon at the end of the year where I plan to make him a giant Santa hat, what costume should I make for Chocobo?…

Take a look at those and let me know which one you like!
Moral dilemma solved!  

In any problem there are always 3 solutions:
1) Change yourself (IE, change your own mind, alter the way you look at the world, change your habits)
2) Change the world (IE, make someone/something change, alter the world's point of view, change everything else)
3) Do nothing.

I forget that doing nothing is an equally valid option to the other two.

When it is not my place to do the first two, I need to realize that sticking my head into another's business is bad, unless I intend to actively participate in the change.  

Don't get me wrong, I love helping people!  In this instance, though, I think it's best if some people help themselves.  It's not my goal to force someone to help themselves.
When I play video games, I tend to try to do what is "right".  Generally, it's pretty simple, though as games mature, the choices become more difficult and realistic.

Real life has no option.  You either do what's right, or you don't.  The truth is a whole lot easier to remember than lies.  Lies catch up with you, one way or another.  Using a lie to cover up a lie makes it worse.

So when the question then evolves, that there is more than one "right" and that truth is subjective to layers, which truth prevails?  Does one serving the greater good outweigh the one serving the individual?  Can we really sacrifice Spock to save the Enterprise, or is it really something Spock has to decide for himself?
Many years ago, I ran my own business selling my own art at conventions.  My art style has grown and evolved since then, and I've been heavily considering returning to the convention circuit.  For the most part, I've always made the art that makes me happy, and through extension, people like it.  I noticed as I started pandering to what I felt would sell, the quality of the art started to decline (in my opinion) yet my sales began to climb.

I wasn't really happy with that, but I accepted it as part of business.

As I contemplate what to do with my potential business future, art wise, I decided to reconnect with my audience.  At a convention, it's easy to tell what people like because what people like translates directly to what they buy.  The internet, however, has changed that, and I've noticed the shift.  

So I ask you (through the poll) why did you decide to add me to your deviant watch list?  I'd like to know more about the people out there. :)

Also, if there's anything in particular you'd like to see me attempt (drawing wise, photography wise, bodypainting wise, cosplay wise, etc) feel free to comment.

Just to be fair though, since I'm opening up the boards, feel free to ask me anything and I'll try to answer the best I can.